Candace Mallarifounder/director Candace Mallari-David is a native of Angeles City in the Philippines. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a Master of Arts degree in Guidance Counseling. Her professional history includes background in Human Resources, Office Administration, Psychometrics and Counseling as well as Marketing & Sales. Candace was introduced to cosmetology at an early age. Growing up with the influence of Hollywood glitz and glamor, she was set to follow a path in providing the same pizazz for herself and those willing to pay her to achieve the same boost in confidence. Candace earned a Certificate in Make Up Artistry in 2012 under the guidance of Evgeny Louikianenkov — an international makeup artist and the creator of Evgeny Cosmetics. The word pinta (Filipino for paint, appearance, color) captures the essence that Candace is trying to provide for her clients, and all the glamour that comes along with it. As an extension of her desire to help women achieve the confidence they need to be out in the world, it’s not a far stretch that she becomes an image consultant and a personality coach/trainer to any woman who wants it. So, if you are in need of someone to help you to look and feel your best, in any occasion, drop Candace Mallari-David a line.